A Good-Bye Song for Our Beloved Teacher

A good news was spread in my elementary school. Ms. Risma, my teacher, would have a marriage party. Everyone was happy because of this news. I was very happy too. Ms. Risma, the kindest teacher in my elementary school, finally has found her half heart… My classmates and I in 4th grade wanted to give a present for her. We made a voice group, and we wanted to sing some songs in her happiest day…

Actually, this good news didn’t come alone. I thought that there was a bad news too behind this good news. Huft,, Ms. Risma would marry a man who worked abroad. Consequently, she would never teach us again and accompany her husband in another country.

hope their live happily ever after
hope their live happily ever after

My friends and I were sad although we knew that our best teacher must be happy with this… Our voice group (we didn’t make a name for our group :p) wanted to give her an unforgettable performance. We wanted to perform as best as we can. We made a brainstorming.

Finally, we found a great idea (I think it’s a great idea for an elementary child :D). We would adapt a popular song in that time. I forget the original title, but I remember that this song was sung by Sherina Munaf. We made a little change with that song. The word “Sahabat” was changed into “Ustadzah” (the Arabic of guru –red). We thought this song was very touching, heart-rending…

Finally, the day was coming. We had made a perfect preparation. We hadn’t drunk ice cream or cold beverages and hadn’t eaten some spicy food to make our voice clearer. Every member of the voice goup wore a pink uniform. We looked awesome. The master of ceremony (MC) called us and we got into the stage. I felt nervous.

we sang wholeheartedly... :)
we entertained the couple and the guests 🙂

*Unfortunately, the second page of this story was lost 😦 (super_cry). I forget the whole story, but I remember that we sang with all of our heart and Ms. Risma was moved. I felt wanna cry when I sang this song, because she was our precious teacher :’)

*this article was written for writing test, February 11th, 2009


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