Sounds, as you’ve never seen it!

Flat Flexible Loudspeaker, sounds promising :)
Flat Flexible Loudspeaker, sounds promising 🙂

Don’t be shocked if you hear sounds although you see no speaker around you . Yeah, British Engineers of Warwick University have found Flat Flexible Loudspeaker (FFL) since a month ago. Its thick is less than o, 255 mm, just like a paper.

FFL is very thin!
FFL is very thin!

This loudspeaker is made from flexible laminate with layers of conducting and insulating materials. The procedure of this speaker is similar with other speakers, they work by converting an electric signal into sound. Although FFL is very thin, it promises clearer sound. There are so many benefits of this loud speaker. Let me tell you.

Its veri light!

Because of its thinness, this FFL can stick on a poster. It will announce something and attract people. The advertisement will be more interesting. Or, this FFL can be inserted in students’ books or children’s comics/magazines. So, they can enjoy reading and listening. FFL also can be set in a car, train, plane, etc. FFL will give more spaces to your vehicles.

It is thin, so it must be light. It can be set in a concert or parade, so we won’t bring heavey speakers. Just stick FFL on the wall, and it will give you clearer and stronger sounds 😀

Its very light!
It's very light!

FFL is very flexible. We can bring them everywhere without trouble. We can save them in our pockets and use them every time we need.

Many people believe that Flat Flexible Loudspeaker will replace traditional speakers, same as LCD which have replaced CRT to display film/picture. So, do you want to try? 😉


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