What Makes People Laugh?

One day, some videos were watched by class. Nobody didn’t laugh. Yeah, those videos were so funny! The first video showed us a stupid man with his stupidity. He made some violences and made his body hurt. He showed some funny expressions.

weird facial expressions
weird facial expressions

The second video was so comical. Many actions were not accepted by our mind. Animations were used in that video. The third video was about a funny performance on a stage. And the last video was about a reality show “Pimp my Ride” and that video was dubbed in Javanese voices.

Here is that video’s link :

pimp my ride dubbing in javanese

I personally think that the last video is the funniest video among others. Why do I think that?

I have observed in my class and I found that more students laughed at the last video than other videos. I think it’s one of the evidences. Although I also think that the class laughed louder because they had warming up with the videos before…

The second reason is that video used a more understandable language than other videos. This video was only the one that used Javanese language. Other videos used English, some of the conversations were not understood by us.

facebook use more understandable language
facebook use understandable language for javanese people *ra nyambung ro artikel*

The third reason is that this video used verbs to make people laugh. I think Indonesian people prefer funny verbs to funny actions. Americans like funny actions better than funny verbs (maybe). I believe that it’s because of areas and cultures. I also think that people have been bored with funny actions.

The last reason, I discovered that the last video was more up-to-date. Other videos were out of date.

In conclusion, I think that the language, verbs, and recency are the reasons that make people laugh.

Lets laugh!
Lets laugh!

Penulis: fayruzrahma

always trying to be a simple person :)

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