Cloth is not for beautifying a woman.

Yeah, it is, but that’s not the main purpose.

This morning I was in a hurry to go to campus to take the exam. I took a blouse from the bottom of the shirt pile in my wardrobe (it’s kind of a habit), and wore it. It was my second time wearing this outfit. This yellow-blue-green stripped blouse was catchy and I like its design. I mixed and matched it with my long green skirt and light yellow veil. I thought that I looked wonderful. I went to campus confidently.

After the exam was over, I went to canteen and bought an omelet, fried tofu, and a glass of hot chocolate. I brought it to the lab. On the way to the lab, every time facing a glass or mirror, I spent my time look at the mirror, and then I smiled and admired how awesome I am. Look silly, eh? ;p

When I arrived in IF lab, I turned on my laptop and browsed my favorite sites while eating and drinking what I bought from the canteen. Unfortunately, in the middle of browsing, my hot chocolate was spilled! And you know what? It soaked my good-looking outfit.. kyaaa~ T^T

spilled hot chocolate. but this is not mine :P
spilled hot chocolate. but this is not mine 😛

Thankfully, I brought a pack of tissue.

Thankfully, I brought a piece of dirty cloth to clean the desk and the floor.

Thankfully, I brought plastic bag so I could bring my wet rag and it wouldn’t wet my bag.

Thankfully, I brought a jacket to discover the spilled drinks in my outfit.

Thankfully, the drinks was not spilled my laptop.

Therefore, I went back to my house immediately whereas my plan is about not going back until 9pm due to many tasks I have to do.

With this small accident, I believe that God has warned me and stroked my heart for being boastful. So I can’t wear this outfit anymore today. hee… I was reminded the purpose of wearing cloth is to discover our ‘aurat’, not to show off the beauty of the outfit or the woman. hmm.. In the future, let’s be careful and strengthen our intention when wearing an outfit! (rock)

*oooh, not writing English article for a long time makes my writing getting worse T^T

Let’s have a regular English writing practice (thinking)


Penulis: fayruzrahma

always trying to be a simple person :)

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