I love this day

Let me tell you what are the sentences which echoed my head this day and what the things which make this day special :

  • today is the first time I change my veil style (only for this day), I sticked the tip of my veil to the back of my head because the veil was pretty big and I had to wear my outfit tidily due to imagine cup semi final presentation…
  • today is the first time I flied without a family member. I had to check in by myself, hoho ;p
  • In the time between our hectic activities this day, I took time to dzikr and read Quran. It really helped me to keep calm and keep my mind clearly. The nervous had gone a little bit.
  • one third of your life is spent in the jammed road. That’s why I hate Jakarta (annoyed)
  • Wow, today was my first time entering Bursa Efek Jakarta.
  • today was my first time entering Microsoft’s office.
  • today was my first time giving an English presentation not in a class.
  • today was my first presentation in a national-scale competition. wow
  • Air Conditioner can worsen your nervousness.
  • about tukang ojek and taxi queuing.
  • my dad rejected an invitation from the number one person of ugm just to make sure that I’ll have a safe night tonight :’O
  • Free internet access, free flight ticket, free room in a high class hotel, free taxi fee~ xD
  • There are a lot of interesting reading materials in English here~ but it seems that I can’t even finish reading one of them 😦

thanks God, you gave me this valuable experience. I hope I can learn a lot from today’s occasions 🙂


Penulis: fayruzrahma

always trying to be a simple person :)

2 tanggapan untuk “I love this day”

  1. FAYYY…
    it’s meee 🙂
    fay, i’ve read all your writing. interesting!
    by the way, what kind of competition did you join at the microsoft office??


  2. thanks mb adis for reading all of my writings! hihihi ^^
    do you have an online diary too like this one mbak?
    I want to read yours 😀

    hm, this competition’s called Imagine Cup..
    We had to solve the world’s toughest problem by developing a new system by Microsoft’s current technologies..
    My friends and I were passed the top ten successfully but unfortunately we couldn’t make it to the final, heheheee…


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