My Best Friend’s Twenty First Birthday


I don’t bring my own laptop today to campuss because I bring my dad’s. I have to do a task which need Ubuntu OS for running a program and thankfully my dad’s laptop is running on Ubuntu. Unfortunately, something is needed to be installed and it has to be downloaded. Aaaand, the packet hit the proxy and cannot reach the repository 😐 😐 😐 So, I plan to download it later in my home.

Hm, there are a lot of tasks I have to do. Buuut, the files to do the tasks is in my laptop so I cannot finish them now. Here I am, being idle in a laboratory and confused about what should I do now. I’m waiting for a meeting an hour later. Let’s spend this time by writing an article, ehehe 😉

*I’m very sorry if you think that the introduction is not matched with the title at all ;P*

Last Friday is my friend’s birthday. She’s an important friend. Last year she give me an awesome bouquet of purple flowers and presents. You know what? The present was wrapped in a huge box with so many layers of boxes. The size of the present was only 10% of the huge box’s size. It took 4 hours to unwrap that present. Oh My! =.=

beautiful purple flowers

Two years ago she’s surprising me by giving a cute small blackforest.

small cute blackforest

kawaiii desu ne? I was very touched. So I planned to give her unforgettable birthday present this year.

One day, I read my brother’s magazine. There’s an article about how to make a towelcake. And its sample’s PINK. It’s my friend’s favourite color! WOW. I thought: that would be a great present!

So, the day before her birthday, I bought the materials and sew the towelcake. I wanted to sew embroidery of her name on the towel, but I was lack of sew-skill. It turned out to be an awful embriodery. It made the cute pink towel worse T^T I hope she didn’t disappointed with it. Amen.

The article said that the towelcake will be cuter if wrapped with a transparant box and tied with gold ribbon. But I didn’t know where to buy that kind of box. So I just take the pink towelcake in a love-shaped box.

Are you curious with my masterpiece? Do you really want to see it? Do you? Okay, here is the LOVELY PINK TOWELCAKE:

The PINK TOWELCAKE is very cute, isn’t it? I spent hours to sew this (gyay). I hope this present will ever be your unforgettable gift from me, dear! 😉


Penulis: fayruzrahma

always trying to be a simple person :)

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