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Sometimes holidays make my days worse. I’ve spent this past days with wasteful things, such us reading manga and re-watching dorama, although exams will be faced soon and there are a lot of final task in some subjects. Yeah, being given a lot of jobs made me lazy because of confusedness of what I should do first. *sigh* 😦

Fortunately, those drama which I re-watched wake me up from my laziness :). After watching Bloody Monday season 1 & 2, I watched an episode of Kurosagi and Buzzer Beat series. The last drama really really throbbed myself. Buzzer Beat taught me about not giving up of reaching the dreams. Really really hard work is needed to achieve some goals. (gym)

Go Go Naoki! You can make it!
Go Go Naoki! You can make it!

I reflect it with my reality nowadays. How come I am being a baka like this? Where is the old me who can life to the absolute fullest? 😥

Being curious of the artist of this dorama, I ended up in Keiko Kitagawa’s blog. She’s the main actress of Buzzer Beat. She said that she always want to spend her time with meaningful things. She just sleep two hours a day. Wow, I am very very far from her. I usually spend more than 6 hours just to sleep T^T Actually I’ve planned to decrease my sleep time little by little but I haven’t make it. *sigh*

Yosh, it’s not the time for regretting the past. I can make it up by doing my best in everything! Yes, I can! Yeah! Yeah! Gambatteeeee!! xD

Maybe I can make my days more dynamic by scheduling a few intermezzos between my activities, such as playing basketball, swimming, hanging out with friends, or just stretching 🙂 Learning and doing tasks in front of PC is very very boring, isn’t it? =.=

Aaaand, this morning I tried the basketball net which was set in my backyard a week ago. You know what? My bro’s basketball’s “benjol”, hahahaha. Its shape’s very funny 🙂

It was very dirty so that I washed and brushed it. Now the ball is very shiny, hehe 😛


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always trying to be a simple person :)

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