an E in my transcript? You can’t be serious!

Hey! You’ve got to be kidding! The exam was not over yet, was it?

Unfortunately, it really was over when I haven’t gotten the feeling of the exams yet.

I realized that I didn’t give my full efforts for doing these exams. I had enough sleep (or even oversleep). I read manga in the middle of exam days. I still spared my time watching television. I still did my tasks in organization and had a meeting. And the exam’s over before I really realized it.

I’m not dreaming, am I?

And, my forecast of this semester seems to become true. This semester will be the worst semester I’ve ever had. I said that horrible statement based on the facts above and the fact that I didn’t took a compulsory exam because of my foolishness :-&

The subject’s called Stadium General. There are various speaker came to my department and gave some speech to improve the students’ knowledge generally. In years before, there’s no scheduled exam of this subject. Students just had to write an essay and submit it. The lecturer reviewed the students’ essays and then he gave the score based on their attendance and tasks. In the mid-test some months ago, there’s no exam too. We just had an ordinary lecture.

This morning, I got information that there would be a SG lecture in some minutes past ten. I concluded that there would be no SG exam today because of that lecture. It would be like in mid-test some months before, I thought.

After having exam of Information and Application Integration, I decided to go to State Junior High School 2 to give out bond invitations to my sisters there. There’re excited because of my presence. We hadn’t met for about two weeks, so they had a lot of things and stories to share to me. I underestimated the SG lecture. Unconsciously, we had chit and chat until 10.15. I went back soon to my campus.

On the way, a message arrived in my cell phone, telling me that THERE’S SG EXAM in that time! When I arrived in campus, THE EXAM’S OVER! THE EXAM’S OOOOVEEEEERRRR!!! *grabbing my veil with my both hands*

The lecturer said, “For those who were late and didn’t get the chance to take this exam, please re-take this exam next year!” repeatedly. OH MY!

I couldn’t think clearly. This horrible reality’s really a worst nightmare.

I was very mad. I was mad to the people who made this subject geje. In normal days, the attendees of this lecture fulfilled less than half of the class’ space. Many students were abstains. The students often come late. In exam time, the classroom’s very full.

I just did what they like doing in normal days. Why should I be the one who miss taking the exam? Why will they get an A score though they never really attend the lectures? Why will I get an E score just because of my lateness? What on earth did this happen to me?

I was really sad. I was really mad. My hunger worsened that situation, but I have no appetite. Where do I have to put my face in front of my parents? Will I miss my scholarship next semester because of this disaster? T^T

Then I prayed Dzuhur in musholla. I remembered one of God’s verses:

“Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah: for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction.” (Ar-Ra’d [13]:28)

I tried to think positively:

”Actually, this is the result of my fault only. If only I didn’t come late. If only I didn’t underestimate this subject. But, hey, this is not the end of the world! You will only get an E score which is credited 1 SKS. You can retake this subject next semester. SG is worth taken, there’re many useful things I can get from the experts. Life’s never flat. Allah gave you this test to make you aware of every little thing, not to underestimate everything. Score’s just a world thing and world is transitory. There’re many great people who fell down in their school tests. The important things here are knowledge and its application, not the score.”

And then, the world seemed brighter. I could smile widely 😀

I already told my parents about this incident. They gave me some advices and didn’t give me punishment or suspension. Ooohh, love you, Mom & Dad! I’m sorry I couldn’t be such a nice daughter, but I promise you: I will make you really really proud of me :”)

Thanks for my nice friends who cheered me up during that wretched time. I was really supported :’)

Love you all :-*


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always trying to be a simple person :)

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