As I know, the HOT TOPIC of this week is about a woman which is EXPELLED from her village because of her HONESTY. Argh, this news really make many good people mad.

I’ll try to tell u the problem simply. This woman’s son was forced by his teacher to give his answer to his friends in the national exam. Four days after the exams were over, her son admitted his behavior. The woman complained to the headmaster of her son’s school. The complaint’s ignored. Then she complained to the head of the committee members. It’s ignored again. Finally, she complained to the Department of Education.

crying for the sake of honesty in this countrycrying for the sake of honesty in this country

Mass Media blew up this news. The society blamed her because she has made the name of the village bad. They think that cheating is common and popular to make student pass their exams. Ckckckckck… (shakehead)

You can read the full news in this link:

For some people, cheating in doing exams may be a small thing which is unimportant to be dealt. But, this small bad behavior can grow up unexpectedly. From cheating in exams, someone can be expert of cheating and then do the cheat in the organization, and then do the cheat in government, which is called corruption….. It can be a very big and serious thing!

My friends and I have discussed about it. We thought the basic problem of cheating is because there’s an image that cheating is a normal thing. So, if we want to against cheating, we must make the image counter. We have to spread out the image of “CHEATING IS BAD” worldwide.

So, we planned to start building a bad image of any kind of cheating. We can make INDONESIA BETTER only by posting status in social media, drawing then uploading it in social media, making stickers or pins, and so on about the badness of cheating and the goodness of honesty and confidence. We believe that this mission will be successful if all of you do the same things which we have done. Hopefully, someday there will be time when all of people can say: “hah? you’re cheating? that’s so uncool!” or other similar expressions which disgust the cheat.

Let’s do it! For the better Indonesia, for the better world! 😉


Penulis: fayruzrahma

always trying to be a simple person :)

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