My blogs T.T (lonely)

It’s very rare that I post twice a day, isn’t it? hahah. I feel that I deserve a reward for it :p
Do you know? I have many accounts of blogs and social media, even I can’t count them all. facebook, twitter, friendster, plurk, hi5, myspace, foursquare, linkedin, koprol, dagdigdug, multiply, goodreads, flixter, busuu, and so on. Hm, have I said plurk and wordpress? 😕

Honestly, what I really really want is a blog with PLURK EMOTE in it. Yeah, I was very very addicted to that socmed. Its emoticons are very funny and cute. But, Plurk is a microblogging, like Twitter. So, the posting is limited, only 140 characters per post. Besides, I want to talk about a lot of things which is buzzing in my mind all the time. It certainly doesn’t fit in just a Plurk.

Aaand, you know what? some years ago, my senior’s successfully decorated his blogs with plurk emots! WOW! I wanna them toooo! xO

plurk emoticons in your websiteplurk emoticons in your website

He said that those emots can be set in a blog or website which is running in WordPress Engine. Then, some months ago, I read in that there is a blog hosting service from Indonesia (usually bloghosting is from other countries) named dagdigdug. I tried that service out (I want to support Indonesian. I was really cool, weren’t I? #nggaya). Wow, it seemed that dagdigdug’s running on WordPress. I hope that I can stick in my lovely plurk emots there =”)

Unfortunately, because of its freeness, there’s no Plugin feature T^T. I just had some usual plan emoticons 😐 😐 😐 From my point of view, this blog is also lack of services. Sometimes I ended in some annoying errors too. I couldn’t add images in my post. So, after posting just 2 articles, I was very lazy to write there again. It’s been abandoned for a long time. What a pity 😦

And two months ago, I started to use WordPress free blog hosting service. My hope’s coming again, maybe this time I could get those adorable emots in my personal blog *sparkling eyes*. I didn’t try to configure it at that time because I was tired. I made that blog in midnight, hehe.

Just now, I discovered that free blog WordPress doesn’t support Plugin. Jeng Jeng! T^T

Do I have to pay Rp 85.000 per years for a domain or hosting so that I can get PLURK EMOTs in my blog? *sigh* whatever


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always trying to be a simple person :)

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