Turning Twenty

July 28th, 2011.

In that morning. I checked my cell phone immediately after waking up, as I do in the usual day. Oh, there’s no sms at all. I felt a bit sad but in the other hand I felt relieved. “My birthday doesn’t deserve to be congratulated. It should be a sad day because the remaining time of my life is decreasing. I’m not a teenager anymore and my responsibility’s getting bigger. Birthday congratulations from my friends can make me too happy and forget that I am getting older. It’s better not to get any congratulation at all.” That was I thought.

In that morning, I slept for hours in my boarding house of social service (KKN). I had a fever because the day before I catch a cold. Some messages came to my inbox one by one, but they were not as many as I got the year before. They could be counted by fingers. I didn’t show my birthday info in my facebook profile intentionally. Maybe that’s why I got only few messages. Yet, thanks to your wishes for me, Mom, mas Yahong, Nurdin, Hilda, Layli, Teteh Malida, Sutri, mas Udin, Ratih, Ipeh, Nia, Riyun! 🙂

There was no special thing in that day. My fever was cured in that noon. I went to many places, met a lot of friends, but no one congratulated me. I felt more and more relieved. “Yeah, this is how it should be. No congratulation, no birthday celebration,” I thought.

In that night, I was picked up by Prita to go to Padon. She was one of my KKN friends who stayed in Padon. I gave a speech about power-saving in front of residents of Padon, one of the villages in Minggir, Sleman. After giving speech, I was given a dinner box and was invited to eat the meal in her boarding house.

The clock had pointed to nine, but we’re still in Padon. My friends had chit and chat about a lot of things. I felt uncomfortable, because I didn’t immediately return home thought it was already in the late night. I persuaded Prita to take me home. She said yes but she spun out time. Finally she took me home at 21.30.

We arrived in front of my boarding house. But, hey! The door was locked by padlock and there was no light inside the house! I knocked the door but no one answered me. Where did my friends go? Was there any event in this late night? Or did they sleep inside and think that I brought the key? I thought the last question was right.

I confused, then I went to the boys in the next door, ask them if they knew about where the girls were. My Kormasit said that he didn’t know where the girls were. He said that maybe they slept. He told me to keep knocking the door. But hey, the motorcycle in front of their boarding house looked familiar. There was a yellow spongebob helmet on that vehicle. I knew! That’s Dita’s helmet! Why did she come here?

Then, everything was clear.  “Oh, I am being tricked! hahahaha!” I shouted. I was not confused anymore. (muhaha) Prita said that she had to go back to Padon immediately because the night’s getting colder and darker. Hm, if she would give me a surprise, why did she leave me alone? :O

I still tried to knock the door, but not desperately. The door still closed, so I sat in front of the door, waited the door to be opened, while replying some of my friends’ congratulation (yulia, mas hendra, abe). I was soooo happy. From my point of view at that time, it was obvious that there were a lot of people who love me :’D #pede

Suddenly, my Kormasit came and checked another door. “Yuz, this door is opened, lho!”

“Eh iya tho?” :O

Hmmm? So, I was not being tricked, eh? Shame on me, I should check every door here before asking other people -,-

I walked to the door slowly, I thought that maybe my friends already slept on their comfort beds. Then I opened the door,….Suddenly, the light’s turned on!


I really shocked. AAAAAAAA….!! There are many friends there, more people than I thought. Mba Rindi, Pity, Dita, Ama, mba Nea, Deski… They brought me flowers, black forest with cabbage (???), special fried rice, and gift. AAAA, Arigatou gozaimasu!!!

White Flowers
white flowers


birthday cake and fried rice
birthday cake and fried rice
Blue Gift Box
Blue Gift Box. kawaiii!

And then the other friends came too… Prita, Nia, mba Rina, mas Nasrul, Dhemi, mas Bagus, mas Hari, mas Dida, Arif…. They came to celebrate my birthday… U u u… I was touched… You know what? I was a passive and silent girl; I didn’t give much contribution to my KKN team… I even hurt some of them because of my selfishness… Yet, they still gave their best to surprise me, gave me a very happy day :’D

I opened the gift. It’s a very cool photo album! Uuuu, that’s what I call totality :’D

Cool Photo Album
Cool Photo Album. Awesome!

There’s a CD too inside the gift box. It contained my friends’ birthday wishes for me… Sooo many friends pray for me: ega, uly, ntan, tandra, sanya, mb deta, dita te08, mb nea, mb yessi, roomania, finda, nikmah, prima, ray, fiya, retno, kunthi, okti, peni, zee, diyah, isti, saadah, ulfah, wisnusanti, dini tld 11, mada tld11, septin tld11, ?? tld11, nana, yuni, isna w, toni, dodi, aan, yan rf, makruf, mas jarbud, radit ckb, nyoti, wulan nj, mb tiaa, arif, mas udin, mas aji, mas hendra, marsih, fitria a9, mb anda, fitriani k7, nurdin, ratih, nurset, pity…


The most touched wish is “”So peace is on me the day I was born, the day that I die, and the day that I shall be raised up to life (again)”!” (Q.S.Maryam[19]:33)

And in the next day, children who live in the same village congratulated me….

Happy Birthday Kak Yuz
Happy Birthday Kak Yuz. They wrote this without being prompted :'D

Thanks God for giving me a great family and awesome friends! (worship)


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always trying to be a simple person :)

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