Fascinated by Museum Bank Indonesia

Last Sunday, my friends and I visited Museum Bank Indonesia (mbi). It’s in Kota Tua area, Jakarta. This museum was awesome! Maybe it’s the best museum I’ve ever visited 😉

museum bank indonesia
from the front: museum bank indonesia (mbi)

The front of this museum looked old-fashioned, eh? Yet, the luxurious of this great building could be seen at a glance. Before entering mbi, I imagined that inside this building: would be very hot, there would be a lot of old shelves, old goods and the smell of old money everywhere.

I was totally wrong! This museum was very modern and cool! I love it! ❤

museum bank indonesia
kiri atas: maskot museum. kanan atas: bekas teller. kanan bawah: pintu masuk & penitipan tas. kiri bawah: peta museum

Going through the door, we arrived at the lobby. The important thing is: FREE ENTRY! We didn’t have to pay to enter this museum, yet we’re given tickets as souvenirs :3 *but now I already forgot where my ticket is -,-*

Students were given questionnaires to ensure that they will be really understand about the history and knowledge of economics of Indonesia. We weren’t given that questionnaire and I was a bit disappointed. I wanted to fill that piece of paper too! 😛

The first cool thing here was catch-the-coin-game. There’re big screen in a dark room and an animation of the falling coin was being projected to the screen. We could catch the coin by making a big circle with our shadow of hands, then there would appear the description of the specific coin. We could also make the coin bounce by moving our shadow toward the falling coin.

I tried to make the coin bounce by the shadow of my head many times. I jumped and jumped again like a child who was very excited of his new toy. Then I realized that there’re two handsome foreigners behind me. Oh, My! I stayed cool and innocent but actually I was very shy indeed (blush). haha.

museum bank indonesia 2
kiri atas: desain ruangan coklat bertemakan bahari. kiri bawah: penjelasan ttg rempah yg lebih mahal dari emas. kanan: ruang resepsionis dan lobby

Then we went to the next room.

Like the usual other common museums, the history of money in Indonesia was told by statues, replica of historical old goods, and a lot of text of explanation of the history. But those things didn’t make people bored at all. The history was told in amazing way!

The room layout was cool. It’s not a usual an ordinary box shaped room. The color combination of everything here was gorgeous. The colors represented the situation of the history. Brown was used to color the room of maritime area (because of the color of ship, wood bridge, sand beach, etc.). Gray was used to color the room of colonial period (gloomy time). Red was used to color the room of monetary crisis (danger time). Green was used to color the room which told about the economic growth of Indonesia (the analogy of tree). Yellow was used to color the gold safe room (shiny). And Black (neutral color) was used to color the room which hold many kinds of money from different times and countries.

museum bank indonesia 3
grey. red. black. gold.

Some of the description of the history was written in a glass boards so that we could see the things behind them. The titles of the descriptions were very eye-catching and made people curious. The histories were explained by using simple sentences so that people, especially kids, were able to understand the history clearly.

museum bank indonesia 4
Eye-cacthing titles: Mana uangmu, ini guntingku. Ayo menabung, Bung! Bersaing buntung, bersatu untung.

mbi was announced officially by President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, in 21 Juli 2009. Thus, everything here was still in a very good condition. There was no broken stuff at all *as I know*. I believe that the maintenance of mbi is very expensive, yet they were brave to eliminate the entry fee. ohohoho… I like it!

I can’t tell you the details of this museum because that will be a very long story and you will be bored with a lot of text. You can search by google to know more about mbi. You can enjoy the beauty of money history of Indonesia, the comfort of this museum building, and the sophistication of the cool technology here by visiting this museum by yourself.

In brief, this museum was very very AWESOME and you have to add this museum to your next-destination-list! 😀 😀 😀


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  1. nice article! as expected, my colleague did it great 🙂 … yet, i, myself, have one thing to point:
    “Like the usual museum” and “not a usual box shaped “, I think ‘common’ or ‘other’ or maybe ‘ordinary’ suits better to replace ‘usual’ 😛


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