What I’ve Done in The Last Semester…


[Wow! This is my 100th post! :D]

Okay. I almost didn’t make any post this month. Why? Because I lost my desire to write 😥 Sometimes there were a lot of ideas running in my head. But they didn’t get the chance to become an awesome article. Manga, We Got Married, 9gag, etc. made me forget being productive. Or maybe they made my brain frozen. It became really hard just to write an article about my normal daily life -.-

I hope by exercising my brain to write this article can make my brain healthy and nimble. Yosh!

Before I start telling you about my experience in the last six month, I want to say: sorry guys! Because this article will be a boring one. There’ll be no picture. Just words, words, and words. Bear with it 😛

I’ll split my article into 3 parts: academic, research, and social. Those things were requested to be reported to the Fast Track Committee.

1. Academic

As a Fast Track student, I attended two programs in Gadjah Mada University: Bachelor Degree and Master Degree.

In the last semester, in Bachelor Degree, I think my academic result won’t disappoint me. I haven’t got the final result yet, but since there weren’t many subjects and I chose those subjects myself (most of them are not compulsory subjects), I am confident with the result. It’s not like a will get a 4 in my GPA (super thanks to Allah if I really get that *.*). I just get the feeling that I won’t get C anymore. Aamiin. And the E I got in the sixth semester will turn to A. Aamiin (worship)

In the other hand, it seems that I have to work super harder in Master Degree. I only had 4 subjects in the first semester, and half of them were very very hard to be tamed. Operation Research and Computational Technique were full of mathematics and physics things. The last time I met Calculus was when I was in the first semester of Bachelor Degree. Three years ago! I haven’t seen calculus things for three years and then I had to learn advanced calculus and physics… Oh, My! T.T
I estimated my maximal GPA is only 3…. *cry a river* Please God, don’t make my GPA turn to be like that *.*

2. Research

Errrrr… What should I say here?

I wish I could get my S.T. in May this year. But now, two months before the scheduled thesis presentation, I haven’t start my research at all o.O

What I already did was only reading the reference book of my research. Its field is Cloud Computing. To be more specific, I will research on the reliability of Cloud Computing System. Calculating the probability of busy nodes, when the request will be rejected, how much nodes required, and so on.

I’m still trying to understand the symbols and the formulas. And I haven’t had consultation with my lecturers for approximately 2 months. Of course, I haven’t started to calculate anything.

And I still in doubt with my thesis topic because some days ago, my friend told me that a bachelor degree thesis must give a hard outcome (the applicable one), such as machine or program. As I know, coding is not needed in my research. So, is my research eligible to be done in Bachelor Degree? I want to make sure about this issue first o.O

I hope this week I can get in touch with my lecturer and the other students who also have research in this area. Hwaiting!  :’)

3. Social

One of the duty of being a Fast Track student is to serve other people with our skill or/and to share knowledge to other people, especially students in the lower level.

I have been an Islamic Mentoring Manager in Vocational High School 2 Yogyakarta since November 2010. I teach a junior high school student to learn some subjects to prepare her to face national examination. And a moment ago, I was offered to become a teacher of Computer Olympic for some students in a high school in Yogyakarta. But I still in a deep thought about accepting this offering because of my other tasks which have not been completed, such as practical work report and thesis T.T

Last but not least, I wanna get some supports from you, dear readers! I wanna share my spirit too, Ganbatteeeeeee!!! >.<9


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always trying to be a simple person :)

3 tanggapan untuk “What I’ve Done in The Last Semester…”

  1. he, justru saya nih yang parah nilainya, terbukti dg RO tidak seberuntung teman2, nilai matkul yang lain gak meyakinkan dapat A juga, hhe..

    Tapi apa pun itu, tetap semangat, tetap berjuang Fay!


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