Be Greater Than Great People

Mention great people that you adore!

I believe that many people have different answers. It can be Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, Soekarno, Afgan (singer), or maybe our own parents, because of various reasons: they are brave, clever, rich, popular, etc. They are people-who-we-want-to-be and they inspire us to be a great person. We learned what their principles of life were and how they achieved their success. After that, we implemented their way of life in our daily life with hope that we can be as great as they are.

Actually, what is “great”? In Cambridge Dictionary, great means “very good”. If “great” is followed by person/people, it means “famous, powerful, or important as one of a particular type”. So, be greater than great people means to be better than any famous, powerful, or important people in the world! Can we do that? Of course, we can!

From my point of view, here is how to be greater than great people:

  1. Don’t be afraid to have awesome dreams!Sometimes people are afraid of having great dreams because they are afraid they won’t make their dreams come true. If we are afraid of dreaming high, our failure is inevitable. Dreams motivate us to be better and act more. The higher our dreams are, the bigger our motivation is.
  2. Make steps of our dream. We must have real plans to achieve our dreams. We have to breakdown those plans as small as possible so that we can make the possibility of our success higher.
  3. Learn not only from our past, but also from people’s past. We can learn a lot of things such as time management, business management, teamwork skills, and many other skills and knowledge, from people experiences. Those are very easy to get since bookstores are everywhere and internet is very powerful tools to get information. If we only imitate great people’s experiences to real life, the best possibility we may have is that being their copy, nothing more. We cannot surpass the great people, except luck is on our side. So, what do we have to do? We have to be clever in implementing plans into actions. I will explain this in the next point.
  4. Search the possibility to solve the problems from many different points of view. Seeing beyond the usual way people see it stimulates creativity. Do not copy what great people do to make something or solve a problem, but combine some suitable solutions to get better solution. Listening to others’ opinion can bring up better solution too. Sometimes an idea of getting solution can be found in other field which is not related to the problem at all. So, keep our mind broad and wide.
  5. Do things not to satisfy our own selves but others. I believe that great people didn’t have intention to be famous. They became great because they aimed to help others or make this world better, not to make them the best person in the world. We have to evaluate our intention regularly: Which one is our purpose by doing good stuff, being one of the top people or helping others to live better?

In brief, being greater than great people is merely a dream if we do not take our plans to actions. Let’s make this world better by improving ourselves to be great!

submitted to Accenture Journey, February 2012

Penulis: fayruzrahma

always trying to be a simple person :)

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