Day 3

Saturday, 7 September 2013

I spent the morning with my lovely laptop and internet.

About 20 NTD : brunch in halaal canteen

11.00. I planned to print photo at Konika for my Alien Resident Card (ARC). Uki accompanied me to go there. When we passed NTU Taiwan, there was NTU Student Involvement Fair. There were so many booths of student clubs. The senior students tried to attract new students to join their clubs. The one that draw attention was belly dance club because the members walked around the fair wearing their costume -_- 

NTU Taiwan Student Involvement Fair
NTU Taiwan Student Involvement Fair

Then, I went to Konika…

100 NTD : print 5×5 cm, 80% face, 4 photos.

We went to Toko Kuning to buy our necessities. This 3-story building is quite small but their goods were very diverse.

25 NTD : hanger

After that, we just had window shopping and bought pancake.

10 NTD : pancake.
19 NTD : dinner

20.00. Mba Laila, one of my senior who graduated from UGM, invited me and Uki to visit night market in Gongguan. There were so many food stalls. Mba Laila treated us beef kebab.

Gongguan in the night
Gongguan in the night

10 NTD : sushi (satu emplokan)


Hmm this blog post is shorter than the others, eh? Haha. I hope there will be more fun tomorrow!

And please do not convert my expense directly from NTD to Rupiah because you will be shocked =))

Actually, I exchanged my money from US Dollar to NTD. And the money of US Dollar I had was exchanged from Rupiah when Rupiah was still strong (below Rp 10.000/$) :3


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always trying to be a simple person :)

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