Day 5

Monday, 9 September 2013

(sorry, there was no photo in this day because I forgot to bring my phone all day)

09.00. My friends and I went to National Immigration Agency Ministry of Interior to make our ARC (Alien Resident Certificate). Yeah, I am an ALIEN here, haha. Christian, a member of NTUST-ISA, guided us to go there and helped us if there’s any problem. We went there by MRT from Gongguan to Xiaonanmen.

20 NTD : MRT token

The process was simple: taking queuing number, filling the form, checking the documents (copy of passport & visa, recommendation letter from NTUST, and a photo 2 x 2 inch with 80% head), paying for the ARC, and that’s it. We had to queue for about 45 minutes.

1000 NTD : Alien Resident Certificate.
20 NTD : MRT token (Xiaonanmen – Gongguan)

And finally I met one of my roommates who seldom come to our room because she has house in Taipei (her parents work in KDI – Kantor Dagang Indonesia, a kind of KBRI). Her name was Anisa, she is a new Ph.D. student, and she was born in the same year with me. Uhwow! Then I thought that if I was not lazy and didn’t take Double Degree, maybe I would be a Ph.D. student too. Hahah, just on my dream =__=

12.30. There was Fall Semester Orientation for International Student in International Building. We were told about: daily life in NTUST, the courses and the international student association such as Indonesian Student Association, Vietnam Student Association, and International Moslem Student Association (IMSA).

And it was my first time in this year, sleeping during the lecture =))

For lunch, I just ate the snacks given in this event.

15.00. I went to Dept. of CSIE’s office to take the form of credit transfer since I am a Double Degree student. I went alone to push myself interacting with local people…

So, I said to the office lady about my intention, with the pressure on the keywords “Double Degree” and “Credit Transfer” since my English conversation was not so good :p. Then she phoned someone, and asked me to follow a guy staff that brought my documents and guided me to a professor room.

Lucky me, I met Prof. Wei-chung Teng who interviewed me last year. Lucky me, he was talking to mas Hadziq, an Indonesian student and a candidate of the representative of International Student Association, when I arrived to his room. Lucky me, there was an ITB student, his name’s mas Mudi, who is currently taking Double Degree too and have studied here for one semester, so I could ask a lot about Double Degree registration procedure easily. Lucky me, mas Mudi is mas Hadziq’s roommate :D.

How lucky I am! Hiphiphoorraaaay! I was so happy you know! Thanks God =))

So, Mr. Teng asked mas Hadziq to help me to contact mas Mudi. Mas Hadziq helped me to bring back my documents to the office lady and she explained to him a lot about my condition and what I should do, in Mandarin. Yeah, they communicated with Mandarin. I just watched them, stood quietly with smile on my face and wondered what they talked about =))

Then, mas Mudi, mas Hadziq, and I met in Dorm-3 Longue. I asked him about how to transfer my credit from UGM to NTUST, and then I found out that I have to submit JTETI UGM’s courses English syllabus to Dept.CSIE. I haven’t had this syllabus yet.

After that, mas Hadziq helped me again submitting my Double Degree recommendation letter from JTETI UGM to Dept. CSIE NTUST. Then the office lady explained again with Mandarin. She said that she would take care of my status (I registered as regular master student and my status have to be changed to double degree student) and I shouldn’t be worried about this matter. Ah, how nice she was. She looked so kind and fun, I love her 😀

Another thing that made my day brighter is the activeness of my simcard. Finally! I can be contacted by phone, yahoo! Now, my life is complete :3

32 NTD : dinner in halaal canteen.


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