Day 7 – Joining Class & Lab For The First Time

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Whatadaaaay! Yosh!

The classes started this day. This was the time when I could feel how was being a real international student for the first time.

09.30. I joined Graph Theory class as a seat in student. The first meeting of class was just about introduction of the course. It seemed that most of the students in class were Taiwanese. This was an English class. So, most of the time the professor explained in English. But sometimes he talked Mandarin too. 

10.30. Graph Theory class ended. We went to Continuing Education Center (CEC) to register for Mandarin Course Level 1. Then, we went to the post office to deposit the money of the course fee.

2000 NTD : Mandarin course fee (1800 NTD will be paid back if I attend the class diligently)

There was a student clubs fair in front of the post office. But it was quieter than the one which NTU Taiwan held. We visited ISA (Indonesian Student Association) & IMSA (International Moslem Student Association) booths.

NTUST Student Club Fair. The top photo is IMSA booth.
NTUST Student Club Fair. The top photo is IMSA booth.

ISA let non-Indonesian visitor to taste “Indomie Goreng” for free. They also sold uncooked Indomie, maybe they bought them in “Toko Indo”. I haven’t gone to Toko Indo yet. ISA displayed traditional clothes and wayang.

IMSA let the visitor to take photo with Moslem clothes such as gamis, peci, sarung, and koko.

11.30. I joined Computer Simulation class. This class was taught by my supervisor candidate, Prof. Huei-wen Ferng.

12.30. The class had ended. My friends and I went to canteen-1 to buy bubble tea. The canteen was soo crowded because of lunch time.

The crowdedness of canteen-1 in lunch time
The crowdedness of canteen-1 in lunch time

30 NTD : bubble tea

13.00. I went to Prof. Huei-wen Ferng office to discuss about my future research. I explained what I am interested in: computer network, especially about IPv6. He gave me some research ideas, such as mobile IPv6, hierarchical IP v6, and NEMO. There was an Indonesian student who researched about NEMO in 2009. The name “NEMO” was cute but it seemed that NEMO itself was not cute at all =)) I have to think about what I want to do for my research project. I have to choose the most suitable research for me, a research which can be implemented in Indonesia.

13.30. I was invited to join lab meeting. Mas Mudi presented his progress report. Then, a Taiwanese guy presented an IEEE paper which maybe will be the reference for his thesis. He talked Mandarin, but most of the text in his slides was English. So I could catch a little bit what he was talking about.

The way to go to my lab
The way to go to my lab

15.00. I went to Wireless and Networking Labs, a place where I will visit often in my days here. Apparently, the lab was smaller than what I thought. It’s very small. My new Taiwanese friends helped me preparing my desks. The PC was installed with Mandarin so they re-installed the PC. My PC has a fast processor, above 3 GHz, but its RAM is just 0.9 GB u,u.

the small messy lab and my PC
the small messy lab and my PC

18.00. Uki and I went to canteen-3 for lunch. We bought vegetarian fried rice in 7-eleven (sevel) and used the microwave in Sevel to warm it.

13 NTD : (26 NTD : vegetarian fried rice, Uki & I shared the rice)

18.30. Mandarin course! Yeeha! The teacher was very good. We learnt about tones (different tone can have different meaning -,-), basic Mandarin grammars, and numbers.

21.30. We went back to the dorm. Then I finished JTETI English syllabus and sent it to my UGM lecturers.

Yosh! I hope the next day will be more awesome! ^^9


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