Day 8

Thursday, 12 September 2013

In the beginning, I didn’t have any plan for the morning. But my roommates were away, because of class or part time work. I felt bored in my lonely room so I decided to go to Gongguan to do window shopping alone :p

9.50. I arrived in front of Toko Kuning, I planned to buy dishwashing liquid. Unfortunately, the shop hadn’t been opened yet -,- So, I wandered around Gongguan until Toko Kuning opening time, 10.40, had come.


20 NTD : a Chile Apple for breakfast
290 NTD : for recharging my phone account

Then Uki phoned me and said that she wanted to join me. We entered Toko Kuning.

49 NTD : dishwashing liquid (1 liter +soap bonus)

11.30. I had Computer Network class, taught by Prof. Ge-ming Chiu. His assistant was Indonesian. Five Indonesian people joined this class.

24 NTD : lunch, bought from halaal canteen. Finally I ate green vegetables even though it’s tasteless, hahah.

13.00. I went to Wireless Communication and Network Engineering (WCANE) Laboratory. The lab was empty when I came, maybe because I entered it in break time. I took care of my credit transfer and did some installations for my lab PC.


18.00. Mba Laila invited us to go to Pizza Hut. First I hesitated to join because the price was soo expensive and I thought it would be hard to find halaal food there. But the chance to meet the other international students was rare, so in the end I decided to join them.

The total number of participants is 17. I became acquainted with Mark & Waan from Thailand. Both of them are students of Department of Information Management. I sat next to Mark but I didn’t talk much because my lack of English skill & confidence 😦 The other non-Indonesian students are from Cheko and U.S. (maybe) but I didn’t talk to them at all. No one introduced them to me and vice versa :p

me & Uki
me & Uki

All of us took “All you can eat Pizza Hut”. The eating record of that night was 12 slices of pizza for one person. Uhwow! The average amount of pizza which is eaten by one person is 5-7 slices. I just ate 2 slices of pizza (seafood & mushroom), salad, corn soup, seafood snacks, and egg pudding.

12 NTD : bus fare
307 NTD : Pizza Hut
25 NTD : MRT token

It seems that I spent too much money on this day ;_; I have to tighten my belt from this day until the scholarship safely arrive in my bank account u,u


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always trying to be a simple person :)

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