Day 9

Friday, 13 September 2013

Ohayou~! Everyday I can see Taipei 101 from my room balcony.
Ohayou~! Everyday I can see Taipei 101 from my room balcony.

09.30. I met my thesis advisor. I needed his signature on application for advisor form and credit transfer application form. Then I submitted them to my department office.

The young office lady’s English was not very good, and mine wasn’t good either 😦 I said that this form should be put to a professor’s mailbox in office, but I didn’t know where his mailbox was. She thought that I would submit those forms via email.

I found the professors’ mailboxes and pointed them, and finally she understood what I meant 😀 She showed me the right mailbox and put my forms there.

Then I went to lab, installed Ubuntu 12.4 and NS (Network Simulator) in my lab PC. But I haven’t succeeded installing ns2 yet, I don’t know why 😦 The lab was so cold because of air conditioner and I had a bad cough. So, I went back earlier.

I took a nap, watched Bloody Monday (haha!), washed my clothes, had dinner, drank antangin, and slept.

my expenses in this day…

39 NTD : breakfast (one set of onigiri & milk tea)
25 NTD : lunch
40 NTD : breads
30 NTD : dinner
5 NTD : washing clothes

Please pray for my health, thank you :’)


Penulis: fayruzrahma

always trying to be a simple person :)

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