Day 10

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Morning. I was alone in my room. My roommates were away: Uki went to KDEI (Kantor Dagang Ekonomi Indonesia) to prepare for Asian Culture Exhibition, Lili went back to Surakarta for a while, and I didn’t know Anisa’s whereabouts (maybe she’s in her house/KDEI).

The day before, I didn’t make any appointment with my other friends about what to do in this day. Then, after I realized that I was lonely, I sent them messages. I asked them about what they would do and if I could join them.

But, it was too late. My friends had already enjoyed their journey. Some of my friends went to Hsinchu, and some of them went to Maokong to ride gondola.

My room is in the fifth floor and most of Indonesian students live in the 3rd and 4th floor. That’s why I haven’t been familiar with other Indonesian students and sometimes I miss some information. *sob sob

But, my lonely time was not unfortunate situation at all. Actually, I was not feeling well and staying in my room would be the best for me. So, I spent the morning cleaning up my room.

The sparkling floor. Please ignore the messy things.
The sparkling floor. Please ignore the messy things.

Then, I slept.

In the evening, Uki and I went to Gongguan Night Market (again!). I bought a laptop backpack since my Dad’s backpack which I brought from Indonesia was too heavy to be carried for a little walk.

The price of smartphones in Taiwan...
The price of smartphones in Taipei…

And, that’s all for this day. Ciao~!


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always trying to be a simple person :)

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