Day 11 – Visiting Taipei Zoo

Sunday, 15 September 2013

09.30. There was medical check-up for new students in gymnasium. There were about 10 examinations: height & weight check, body composition check, blood pressure check, eyes check, tooth check, internal check, urine check, blind color check, drawing blood, and X-ray check.

Medical check-up in the gym
Medical check-up in the gym

You know what? I finished them in 15 minutes only =))

The plan for today was going to Taipei Zoo and riding gondola to Maokong. 

We went to Taipei Zoo by MRT.

The sceneries from MRT
The sceneries from MRT

Let my pictures tell you the stories…





The unique animals in Taipei Zoo which I hadn’t seen in Indonesia were Panda and Penguins!

Guess what! Finally I was in Republic of China, yet I only saw the back of Panda. ONLY HIS BACK. He didn’t want to show his face to the visitors. *annoyed*

Oh dear Mr. Panda, turn your back, please?
Oh dear Mr. Panda, turn your back, please?

We met many Indonesians in Taipei Zoo. Maybe they were TKI who were on holiday.

An Indonesian woman greeted us and had a chit-chat with us. She said that she’s from Solo and she worked at nursing home. She has worked there for 2 years and 4 months already and hasn’t gone back to Indonesia yet since she arrived here.

She asked us, “Where do you work?” So, we gave her the impression that we’re TKI too, eh? 😀

She told us that next month there will be a concert starred by The Massive and Afghan, but I don’t remember the event venue and the exact date. It really doesn’t matter to me =))

Apparently, Taipei Zoo is quite big. We finished visiting all the animals (except birds) at 4 pm. It’s drizzling and we had to attend Mandarin Class held by NTUST-ISA at 7 pm. So, we cancelled our plan to go to Maokong.

Mandarin Class by NTUST-ISA
Mandarin Class by NTUST-ISA

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