Day 14-15

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wednesday was as awesome as always.

I went to the lab and attended a class and lab meeting.

My advisor said that I would have a “virtual professor” since his quota of international students was full. So, legally, my advisor was Prof. Gu, who was not known by me. But actually, I was under Prof. Ferng’s care.

I hope this situation will not cause any problem for me in the future .__.

And, there will be my first presentation of my research progress report next month in lab meeting. I hope I can do it well… Ganbarimasu~!

And in the evening, I had mandarin class. This course was really helpful, especially for buying something in the shop/market.

I love this Mandarin class!
I love this Mandarin class!

The teacher gave the students vegetarian moon cakes because of mid-autumn festival. The cakes tasted like bakpia in Jogja 😀

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Zhōng Qiū Jié Kuàilè!

This day was a holiday because of Mid-Autumn Festival. This was a day when the moon was the brightest in the year because of nice weather.

I imagined that there would be a festive celebration everywhere, in every corner of Taipei. I imagined that the street would be very crowded.

It turned out that there was no public celebration around my university. I searched about public festival in Taipei in this day, but I didn’t find it.

So, in mid-autumn festival day, people usually gather with their families or friends and have a barbecue party while watching the big and clear moon. Maybe because of the approaching typhoon and not-so-good weather, the festival atmosphere was gone..

But, I didn’t know about the situation in some special places, like in temples, since I didn’t visited them.

Halaal canteen was closed during this long weekend of holiday and typhoon. It’s the worst problem for me in this day, I thought. 😦 Fortunately, 7-eleven was still opened…

Vegetarian Fried Rice for lunch.
Vegetarian Fried Rice for lunch.

We had evening stroll in Shilin Market…



There were a loooot of stores (fashion, food, etc.) with sooo many people in it. Very very crowded.

And, that’s all for these 2 days. Ciao~! 😉


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