Day 67 – Trip To Hsinchu

Long time no see~! 好久不見~! hao jiu bu jian~!

I miss you so much, my blog :’) So sorry for not visiting you for a long time 😥

This time, I will tell you my story when I went to Hsinchu to attend Aylmar birthday party. It was 2 weeks ago~

Saturday, 9 November 2013

I would go to Hsinchu alone. So, I had to be well-prepared. I did some research about Hsinchu and how to get there in the night before.

I was invited to Aylmar birthday party at 13 pm. I planned to go in the morning as early as possible because I want to explore Hsinchu before going to mbak Ana’s house.

I left my dorm at 8.30 am. Kak Chiku told me that I could ride a bus from Gongguan, but I couldn’t find the bus lane which go to Hsinchu. So I went to Taipei Main Station to get the bus from there.

Taipei Bus Station

“Hsinchu” was written in a big size above the bus ticket counter. I spotted it easily and bought the ticket. The bus ticket price to Hsinchu is 130 NT$ for adults and 105 NT$ for student like me 🙂

I went to Hsinchu with bus 9003
I went to Hsinchu with bus 9003


It took 1.5-2 hours to go from Taipei to Hsinchu. I got off from the bus in National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) bus stop.

My plan A was to visit the city center of Hsinchu, to see temples, Hsinchu Stadium, etc. And my plan B was to visit Hsinchu Science Park and its surrounding.

It was 10.30 am and I didn’t know how to go to those tourism places. I didn’t know about the bus lanes and the cost of riding Taxi was too high for me. I was afraid I couldn’t make it in time (to go to mbak Ana’s house) if I tried to search those attractive places by foot.

So, I went with my plan C: visiting NTHU 😀


I love visiting universities which I don’t know before. I like searching their uniqueness and their positive points so that (I hope) I can improve Indonesian university 🙂

One of NTHU’s positive points is having two lakes inside x) I felt that NTHU’s environment was so fresh and peaceful. There’re a lot of trees and hills. Many people enjoyed their holiday here, inside this university! x)

we can take a fresh stroll, feed the birds and fishes, or just sit down & enjoy the nature~
I hope I can wear that kind of outfit SOON!
I hope I can wear again that kind of outfit SOON!

Lucky me, there’s a sports festival in NTHU! There’re a lot of cute children! Ta men hen keai! This was refreshing my mind part 2, hahah xD

festival NTHU

Actually, I wanted to go to National Chiao-Tung University (NCTU) which is beside NTHU. But, I was afraid I would be late for Aylmar birthday party. So then I just wandered around Dong District of Hsinchu.

What I noticed was, there’re a lot of children playground in this city! Even though Hsinchu is a big city in Taiwan, there’re a lot of wide green space for relaxing and playing~


It was autumn but the weather temperature was quite high~


Finally, the main event: Aylmar birthday party! x)

Aylmar is the son of Mbak Ana & Mas Taufik. My parents and mbak Ana’s parents were good friends. Mbak Ana was my senior in kindergarten, elementary school, and high school. I once visited her when she studied in IIUM Malaysia. And this time, I had the opportunity to study in the same island with her. What a small world :D:D

I hope we can meet again in another country ya mbak x)

Aaand, this picture is the footage of the party~ (only from my camera)

Happy Aylmar~! ^^
Happy Aylmar~! ^^

We had a small reunion, #SatuTeladanEverywhere.

me, mba Dita, mba Chiku, mba Ana, Aylmar, and mas Taufik
me, mba Dita, mba Chiku, mba Ana, Aylmar, and mas Taufik

Yea, we were from the same high school and we reunited in this party.
What a small world~

Thanks mba Ana & mas Taufik for inviting me to their nice house. And for Aylmar, be a good & tough Moslem boy ya!^^ *hugs & kisses from me~*


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