NEMO Basic Support Simulation in INET/OMNeT++

Currently, there is no official NEtwork MObility (NEMO) simulation framework in INET/OMNeT++.

You have to extend xMIPv6 code so that Mobile Router can be simulated properly.

If you have an enhancement scenario for NEMO and want to simulate it using INET/OMNeT++, you don’t have to build your code from the scratch.
You can use my NEMO Basic Support code and modify it as you like.

Click here to review/download it.

Please pay attention that this code is built on INET v2.6.
Now, I’m porting it into INET v3.1 and I will update the download link after I’m done porting it.
I’m not using INET v3.2 since there is static routing bug there
(proof: wireless tutorial 04-07 cannot be run)

I don’t recommend you to use this code directly.
There are some useless lines/file, and there are some points in RFC 3963 which have not been implemented here.
This code should be reviewed and refactored before use.

I introduce a new prefix information exchange between home agent and mobile router. Instead of using DHCP Prefix Delegation v6, prefix info exchange is done using Prefix Solicitation, Prefix Advertisement, and Prefix Acknowledgement message in the network layer (the extension of Neighbour Discovery message format). You can find it in icmpv6 folder.

The details of the reason and the proposed method will be found in my publication (which has not been submitted to any publisher published yet)

Comments and suggestion are welcomed 🙂


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always trying to be a simple person :)

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