Install Xerox Phaser 3115 Printer Driver on Windows 8

I have a very old printer, Xerox Phaser 3115. My dad bought it in 2003.
There’s a CD for installing the driver of this printer, but it’s for Windows XP.
I tried to install this driver on Windows 8 or 10, but the installation failed.

It’s not Phaser 3115, but my printer has a shape similar to this

My father’s laptop is Macbook. In the beginning, he couldn’t use the printer too…
But then he followed this instruction, and now he can use the printer.

Unfortunately, it seems that there is no program like that for Windows.
I googled around and found many download links for the driver, but it looked malicious… My antivirus didn’t allow me to download the file or open the link.

I called Xerox service center in my city.
The technician suggested me to install the driver manually, using the .inf file from the driver CD. I followed his instruction, but the installation still failed.

I googled around again and found a link to an untrusted forum.
There’s exclamation mark on my avast plugin bar of my browser.

I opened it. The people there recommended installing Phaser 3124 driver.
The driver can be downloaded from this site.

Then, I installed this driver successfully. But, I still couldn’t print a page.

I tried to reconfigure the properties of the printer.
These are what I did step-by-step

1. Open ‘Device and Printer’ section


2. Right-click the printer, click Printer properties…


3. Change the printer’s name and the printer port (from LPT to USB)



(You don’t have to change the port configuration if you use printer serial port instead of USB port)

4. Click OK!

5. Test the printer by printing information page from the Troubleshooting tab.


Voila! The page was printed successfully! 🙂

I hope this information will be helpful for you too 😉


Penulis: fayruzrahma

always trying to be a simple person :)

One thought on “Install Xerox Phaser 3115 Printer Driver on Windows 8”

  1. Yes. It works. Choose express installation. After install, as mentioned above, change the printer number from Phaser 3124 to 3115, then select an available (free) USB port. It works on my windows 8.1 64 bit ( believe it will work on windows 10 too). Now my Phaser 3115 bought since June 2004 being revived again. Printing is as sharp as last time.


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