My Playlist

Actually, I don’t listen to music a lot.

I listen to my music player only when I ride my motorcycle, to avoid daydreaming. It takes 20 minutes to go toΒ campusΒ from my house. Instead of wasting my time by imagining useless things in the road, I turn on my cellphone’s music player and wear the left earphone (because the right one is broken and having your ears fully covered when riding is certainly dangerous).

Here is the list of my tracks:

1. Qur’an: 29th & 30th Ajiza, Surah Al-Baqarah, Surah Ar-Rahmaan, Surah Al-Waqi’ah

One of the way to memorizing Quran is by listening its chapters repeatedly. But hey, it doesn’t mean that I have already memorized all of those Surah. Unfortunately, even if I have listened them tens of times, I haven’t memorized them all. Poor me. 😦

2. Al-Ma’tsurat

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Fascinated by Museum Bank Indonesia

Last Sunday, my friends and I visited Museum Bank Indonesia (mbi). It’s in Kota Tua area, Jakarta. This museum was awesome! Maybe it’s the best museum I’ve ever visited πŸ˜‰

museum bank indonesia
from the front: museum bank indonesia (mbi)

The front of this museum looked old-fashioned, eh? Yet, the luxurious of this great building could be seen at a glance. Before entering mbi, I imagined that inside this building: would be very hot, there would be a lot of old shelves, old goods and the smell of old money everywhere.

I was totally wrong! This museum was very modern and cool! I love it! ❀

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“Ideal House”

(Write down 12-15 sentences about “Ideal House”)

In my opinion, an ideal house must have at least one wide garden. That is because children can play happily and freely in that beautiful garden. People who live in that house can be refreshed from their stressed by seeing the greens and breathing the fresh air. It is very good for their health. An ideal house must have good circulation too. I recommend to have many big glass windows and doors so the sunshine can get into the house.

ideal house?
ideal house?

The standard house consists of bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, and living room. The living room is at the front of the house so the guests can watch television. A kitchen is usually at the back of the house. So, if the kitchen get burnt, the other rooms will be safe. An ideal house has at least two bedrooms, for the parents and the children. If the owner of the house has vehicles, the house must have a garage to keep his/her vehicles safe.